The Cool Design Show is the brainchild of Kaiyi Chu, a serial entrepreneur, a veteran marketing professional, and a product design enthusiast. 

As a past business owner, he deeply understands the need for independent creators and growing brands to reach a broader audience by all means. As a proven growth hacker, he noticed that more and more direct-to-consumer brands are expanding their reach to users with an offline presence, either brick-and-mortar or pop-up boutiques. However, such a strategy is often costly, resource-intensive and risky for most creators and business owners. The average cost for a 30-day pop-up is reported as high as $30,000. Most importantly, the online and offline experience is completely broken and most businesses lack means to capture and convert store visits to online purchases.

Therefore, the idea of a pop-up consumer product show aiming to fix these challenges comes. The concept is very experimental but has two missions:

  • Make great products shine
  • Support creators and innovators